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Easiest workaround has been using my cloud service. Great article, thanks. In fact, it is what gave me the idea in the first place to start running Windows full bore on a Mac. But I quickly realized that there were commercial products that were more refined, and had some semblance of customer support; VMware and Parallels. File sharing is easy to setup and use — no need to cloud share from the Win10 side, as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. PVM file and go to a backup. If I have a problem on the Mac side, I just blow away the entire drive and go to a backup.

Mike… interesting, a Spanish virtualization eh?

How to Run Visual Studio on Mac OSX

And when I need Android or iPad project plan editing, I use http: MAC guru: Some use it okay but several have experienced their virtual environment slowing Project down to a crawl where they have to wait a minute or more after pressing an option for it to respond. For anyone out there who is considering this, also consider who can help you when things go sideways and you cannot update your projects.

How to Get Your Mac Working with MS Project

Some of our PMs have moved back to PCs just so they can remain productive. Good observation. The trick is to keep Parallels up to date, as well as macOS and Windows For example Seavus Project Viewer for Mac. Great article Jigs. Nice article. Steve, fair point and thx for the comment. In Parallels, you get an installation assistant that gives you many options to create a new Windows environment. Or, if you have a PC with a windows system you can connect the two and suck the existing system from that, or you can just download the Windows trial image and make a Windows VM system from that.

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How To Run Microsoft Project On Mac

Please enter your email address here: Start Your Free Trial. Recently, IBM found that Apple hardware is more cost-effective than any other is. If you have an Apple laptop at home and another PC laptop at work, you may find yourself having to choose one over the other — or worse, carrying both around! Virtual instances of Windows that go south can be quickly blown away and restored fresh using snapshots.

Multiple instances of Windows can be created and run on a Mac at will, allowing you to test new software. If something goes wrong, you can easily roll back to a previous snapshot in time similar to the previous reason. For example, anyone who has tried to share Office for Mac files with Windows users will eventually run into a glitch or incompatibility.

Trust me. Moreover, in the case of Microsoft Project, you really have no choice! Project must be run in Windows, as there is no other version that runs on the Mac — unlike some of the other Microsoft Office apps that are built for both OSs.

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My top preferences are: Regardless of your choice, the procedure is the same: Install the virtualization package Parallels or VMWare. Install the Windows version of your choice into a virtual space, which is simplified with onboard wizards. Windows 10 is the ideal choice.

How To Run Microsoft Project On Mac

Run your instance of virtual Windows in full screen mode, allowing you to just swipe between working on the Mac side and Windows side. Each virtual instance called a virtual machine or VM in techie lingo consumes from 30 gigabytes to 90, depending on how much you put into it. Then, you need to factor in plenty of additional storage for growth added files and even more apps. Once created, a virtual machine is contained in a single albeit gigantic file and can be moved from machine to machine as needed. As always, it should be backed up by copying to a safe location. Windows 8 and above is recommended, and Windows 10 works best.

As far as what MacBook this approach works best on, the obvious choice is the fastest and most expensive! However, any new MacBook sold in the last year or so will work fine. Written by Jigs Gaton. Thanx, Jigs! Another problem you might encounter is finding compatibility for the numerous different versions of Microsoft Project. Fortunately, ProjectManager. And, since ProjectManager.

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  • You never have to worry about buying the latest version because our software team is regularly releasing updates and improvements. First and possibly foremost, at least to your chief financial officer, is the price tag. Because ProjectManager. You can monitor and track any metric through the real-time dashboard, which translates the live data into easy-to-read charts and graphs, which can be filtered to reflect just the information you want, and then shared or printed with a keystroke.

    Timesheets are also online, which means that team members can update their timesheets anywhere and at any time. Managers receive alerts when the timesheets are ready for approval, so that process is swift and efficient. Given the range of ProjectManager. As noted, one of the biggest benefits of using ProjectManager.

    They can add files and comment at the task level on the online Gantt chart. Discussions are facilitated either one-on-one or at the group level, created by the team, and used either on the desktop or mobile devices. Try it today!

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