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Certified Refurbished. Browse all. Shop by Refurbished Product. Refurbished Mac Discover what goes into each refurbished Mac. Refurbished Mac mini 3. Why Refurbished Every product undergoes a rigorous certification process. AppleCare Service and support for your refurbished Apple products. At PowerMax, each Mac purchase comes with a day warranty. Extended warranties are also available for purchase. There are other places where you can buy used and certified Macs, including Gazelle , Amazon. In addition to where to buy a computer, be sure to check out our tips for when to buy a computer.

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Finding the perfect deal on refurbished products is sometimes a difficult process due to ever-changing inventories. RefurbMe also offers an alert system on refurbished and certified pre-owned Apple products. When looking for a refurbished or used Mac, make sure the site provides explicit warranty and return policies. With these in place, you know that the site backs up each purchase with some guarantees.

Second, make sure the site mentions product testing. Apple is the only company that offers brand-certified testing to assure quality. Also, find out whether the original materials are part of the purchase.

You should also make sure one final time whether you can give up the latest bells and whistles on the current models. Read More?

Here are the best websites to find a used laptop for sale. Image credit: Quentin Meulepas Flickr. Your email address will not be published. You've come up with a great idea for a new event that you're certain customers will love that will also profit the company. Your boss asks you to investigate alternative methods for implementing the new idea and come back with a recommendation.

FYI, PowerMax doesn't seem to be in business any more. Or rather, it's been bought out by someone who just turned it into a series of links to Amazon, but all of the old company philosophy and such is still there, and there's no indication of the change on the site. Very odd. I noticed that Discount Electronics wasn't on the list. They get great reviews and they offer a standard 1 Year Warranty. I am looking at a Mac Purchase they rarely get Mac's but when they do they go fast so I am wondering what your thoughts are regarding this retailer.

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You forgot to mention Experimac. Experimac is a chain of individually owned franchise stores specializing in Certified Pre Owned Apple products. They buy and sell, repair and upgrade anything Apple. Best part of Experimac over one of the web sites you mentioned is that you get to touch and see the device you are buying before choosing to buy. And if there are warranty or other repair issues you walk it right in and get it back much quicker and without paying shipping.

There are more than locations around the country.

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Check Experimac. You explained very well, i just wanted to highlight one thing is that whenever you are going to buy refurbished phones or any device always go for certified Refurbished Apple products other wise there is chance of loss. I've been buying a lot of refurbed Macs over the last two years And, while we have had great luck with Apple's refurbed items, we have had mixed results with the other places. The prospect of paying a premium price for any used laptop is not for the faint of heart. It was only the continued development of unserviceable, non-upgradeable, new MacBook Pros that got me to thinking about replacing my aging 17 with a late model, used unit.

$50 Fake MacBook Pro vs $1,500 MacBook Pro

After noticing refurbished machines for sale on the Amazon site, I followed up on one offered by a vendor, Experimac, in W. Palm Beach Florida. At least it was in my home state so I decided to make contact.

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A family business, the people at the store were friendly and encouraging and in a short while had informed me of an early machine - second to the last 17 model produced and top of the line in its day - they had available. After hearing about the condition, specifications, ram and new 1TB hard drive it had, we negotiated a price and I committed to the purchase.

Of course this was not my first Mac. In fact, it would be my third MacBook Pro I returned the unopened Retina 15 machine I had purchased from the Apple store just days before and sent in payment for the used machine from Experimac. For just a few hundred dollars less than the new MacBook Pro Retina 15, I was purchasing a fully repairable and upgradeable 17 with no AppleCare warranty - I was now in uncharted territory as a used mac buyer after purchasing many new machines over more years than I like to quote. Think original Mac Plus buyer; that was a one piece desktop model with an amazing full Megabyte of storage and a cute, built in handle in the top Long story short, the happy ending didn't happen right away and nearly turned into a cautionary tale about buying used v.

As well as physical resale stores, there are also an abundance of online third-party sites offering huge bargains on Refurbished Apple Macs. All in all, opting to buy a Refurbished Mac can be an effective approach to buying a new Mac. But, buying products from online retailers can be fraught with problems, particularly when high-value products like computers are involved.

So, buyers must have their wits about them when shopping around to ensure they get the best possible deal from a reliable source.

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You may save even more cash purchasing a refurb from a third-party reseller, but approach with caution, as you often get what you pay for. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. Should I buy a refurbished Mac?

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