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Not all the keys are legended on all French Canadian keyboards, however most common characters are legended for easy reference. Upper left corner key usually Tilda: Alone 1 Shifted! Alone 2 Shifted " AltCar at symbol or commercial a "arobas".

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Alone 6 Shifted? Employing the standard German Swiss keyboard setting results in this layout: What puzzles me, indeed, is the symbol.

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Or is it possible to appy stickers over the keys? However, also a software fix for just the sign would already be good! More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content.

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Number88 Number Safari Speciality level out of ten: Why can't they just remain the same? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: The solution is as follows.

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  4. And all the other "alternate" symbols are still at their standard "swiss german" positions Rudegar Rudegar. Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: I searched for such a software tool, with no success But this utility Sharpkeys , as many others that I have tested, simply do not work. After this, pressing OK, the following message appear: And I am using the latest release of Sharpkeys Personnellement je travaille avec la suite Final Cut. Et je fais quoi sans tous mes raccourcis??

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    Oui c'est un clavier bien joli et pratique, mais uniquement pour ceux qui font de la bureautique! Il me semblait pourtant qu'une bonne partie des utilisateurs Mac s'en servaient surtout pour le travail de l'image ou du son Je suis perplexe Les moins: Ailleurs sur le web. Vip Mac iPad iPhone Watch.

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