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Theoretically, this folder is supposed to include junk items that were found in the root folder. What we recommend is that carefully review the content of the folder. Do you have anything there you may want? For example, some users have said that their relocated items folder include their entire photo library. If this is the case, do not delete this folder. Keep this file. Please Try Again Later. After examining, if you think there are items you may need, you may delete this folder.

It can be deleted without messing up macOS. Please note when deleting this folder, you may have some problems. If you are getting a message like this while trying to delete this folder, you will need to turn off System Integrity Protection on your Mac and you should turn in on again after. Here is how you can delete this folder. Now you can delete this folder and then empty trash. After this what you want to do is to re-enable System Integrity Protection which you really should.

This is all fine and good, but I want to put those file folders back where they were on my hard drive. It says that I can move them just not back where they were.

How to clean up your Mac's desktop

Well, duh. From now on I work out of a folder on my desktop. You can also customize the Dock to fit your preferences. Here's how. When you first set up your Mac, your Dock lives along the bottom of your screen in a translucent rectangle; if you don't like its positioning, you can move it to the left or right of the screen, or have it automatically hide whenever you're not interacting with it. Items are organized as follows, left to right:. You can alternatively just drag the icon to a different position in your Dock, which will automatically save it as a favorite shortcut. Files and folders can also be saved to your Dock, but they can only be stored on the far right of the Dock, after your app shortcuts.

The Dock has a demarcating line that separates apps from files and folders, so you won't mix them up.

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If you don't want a particular app, file or folder in your Dock anymore, you can remove it with just one gesture. Note that this doesn't remove the item from your computer, it just removes the shortcut from the Dock; you can always re-add the app or folder by following the steps above. When it is hovering over your desktop, you will see the word Remove appear above the app, file, or folder. Note: If you do this on a currently-open app, it will continue to stay in the Dock until you Quit the application, at which point it will disappear.

You can rearrange the placement of apps, files, and folders in your Dock so they are in alphabetical order, color-coordinated, or however you like. Note: You can't move the Finder or Trash icons to the far left and right of the Dock respectively. They are anchored to the Dock because of their importance to the system.

Let go of the app, file, or folder while it hovers over the new location in the Dock. Drag the Size slider to the left or right to increase or decrease the size of the Dock. Drag the Magnification slider to the left or right to increase or decrease how large the icons grow when your cursor hovers over them.

Arranging Icons on the Mac Desktop | Information Technology Group

Select Left , Bottom , or Right to change the orientation of the Dock. On smaller laptop screens, every bit of screen space is valuable. If you don't want the Dock getting in the way of your productivity, you can keep it hidden until you want to access it, at which point, you can call it back up by hovering your cursor over the place where it normally resides. If this doesn't sound like your cup of tea, it's easy enough to turn off. Click the checkbox next to Show recent applications in Dock so that the check disappears it's on by default.

You can change the size of the Dock by positioning the cursor over the Dock divider that separates apps from files and folders.

Clean up a Mac desktop with Mojave Desktop Stacks & other tricks

The cursor will change to a double-sided arrow; click and drag to increase or decrease the size of the Dock. You can also right-click the icon, and then click Delete to remove a shortcut from your desktop. How to Change Icon Pictures Some icons have the option to change the picture that represents the icon. To change the icon picture: Right-click the icon and click Properties.

Click the Shortcut tab if one is available , and then click Change Icon. Click the icon that you want to use from the list, click OK , and then click OK.

Add and Remove Icons from Mac Dock

If there are no icons available in the list, the manufacturer may not supply additional icons. To find other icons, follow the same procedure on a different icon, locate its source file usually an. Follow the same procedure, but when you click the Change Icon button, browse to the location of the source file from the different icon.

NOTE : Third-party tools are available that enable you to change icons. For additional information about changing icon pictures, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: Cannot Change the Default Folder Icons in Windows Explorer. Last Updated: May Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit.